How ASAP Benefits a Monitoring Center

  • Reduces 10-digit phone call volume from the Monitoring Center to the PSAP.
  • Reduces processing time from minutes to seconds, leading to faster responses to emergencies and positive outcomes
  • Eliminates errors and miscommunications from voice calls
  • Decreases stress on the Monitoring Center call-taking personnel through reduced call volume
  • Specialized CAD to CAD Solution
  • The solution is focused on alarms where interactive call taking by PSAP is not needed
  • ASAP bypasses the call-taking step to the PSAP

What does it cost?

TMA funds ASAP’s operational costs and does not charge PSAPs for use of the service.

  • TMA member companies participating in ASAP pay an annual fee
  • Upgrade existing Automation Software to a version that supports ASAP
  • Dedicated VPN Connection to TMA Message Broker
  • Data Resources for addresses verification support
  • Contracting with a TMA recognized implementation Consultant/Project Manager

How to connect your Monitoring Center:

  1. Contact your Automation provider. If your provider supports ASAP, they will assist you with the upgrade to an ASAP compatible revision. If your Automation provider does not currently support ASAP, have them contact TMA for guidance.
  2. Sign the Terms and Conditions, pay the annual ASAP Participation fee based on your TMA Annual Membership. (Monitoring Center MUST be an Active Member of TMA)
  3. Participate in an ASAP Onboarding Webinar to review ASAP with focus on resources and responsibilities to accomplish the connection.
  4. Work with ASAP team and consultant to schedule the testing and implementation of your ASAP connection.