The ASAP to PSAP program saves our 911 staff an average of 20 hours a month in phone calls, allowing them to focus on other incoming emergency phone calls. The alarm-to-dispatch time it saves is invaluable to the community and the ability to communicate with the alarm company directly through the CAD system is a favorite feature amongst our staff. Any PSAP that is considering the ASAP to PSAP program should know it is WELL worth it!

Neal Haight, Deputy Director, Broome County, NY – ASAP user since 2017 

The ASAP to PSAP system has saved our dispatch center many valuable minutes that has allowed our call takers to answer other 911 calls in a timelier manner and has helped keep our staffing levels manageable as 911 calls steadily increase.  The ASAP solution has also reduced the time first responders get dispatched to critical incidents of which increases public safety by getting responders to the scenes quicker.

Kevin McNallan– Systems Coordinator, Anoka County ECC, MN – ASAP user since 2020

The ASAP to PSAP program has been an extremely valuable tool for our center staff.  Not only does it save them a great deal of time in call taking but increases accuracy.  There is no more trying to understand what address they are trying to give you.

Chris Hegele, CAD/MSAG Administrator, Cary Police Department, NC – ASAP user since 2018

The ASAP to PSAP is an invaluable program has saved our call takers an average of 2 minutes per call, allowing them to concentrate on emergency incoming calls; ultimately improving the quality of life for the community we serve.

Ben Bolin, Alpharetta NG911, GA – ASAP user since 2018

We love ASAP and I can’t say enough positive things about the service. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office saves on average 24 hours a month in staff time communicating with alarm companies. The ASAP process is seamless – alarm calls appear in our pending queue totally bypassing the call taking process allowing our already short-staffed center the ability to handle more emergent calls.  ASAP is priceless and every ECC should take advantage of this service.

Dianne Flanagan, CAD Sr Coordinator, Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Naples FL. – ASAP user since Feb 2017

The ASAP to PSAP interface has been successful in reducing the number of incoming phone calls from alarm companies.  The interface allows call takers to remain available to process 911 calls thus improving call answer times.

Gregory R. Kline, Deputy Director – Dauphin County Department of Public Safety, PA – ASAP user since 2019

Having the ASAP to PSAP service provides a direct exchange of information and allows us to immediately receive calls without the need for a dispatcher to take information over the phone.  This improves accuracy and reduces the overall time it takes for the call to be dispatched to our public safety partners.  I highly recommend PSAPs that are experiencing staffing issues and an increase in high priority calls consider utilizing this service!  Let ASAP help your PSAP ease the load!

Sonya Roman – E-911 Manager, Roanoke, VA – ASAP user since 2019

With only two dispatchers, ASAP has freed up resources to dispatch the call promptly and still have dispatchers available to answer other calls for service and first responders on the radio.  It also saves time obtaining and verifying information before dispatching the call.

Judith McCarthy, Supervisor, Powhatan County, VA – ASAP user since 2019

The ASAP to PSAP was a game changer, as it had a multitude of positive effects on our center.  A few of those included: reducing the amount of stress on our staff, improving accuracy, improving our initial received to dispatch times, and it ultimately helped reduce the number of actual phone calls received. The program allows the alarm company to directly input the call to our CAD system, including packing the CAD record with alarm data that we never received during the manual process.    Our first ASAP to PSAP alarm received was a smoke detector in a ventilation duct at a school.  The alarm was received and dispatched before the school called 911 reporting that they smelled smoke in the building.

Paul Nave, Director, Owensboro-Daviess County Central Dispatch, KY – ASAP user since 2021

ASAP to PSAP has helped reduce our overall call volume for our call takers. The whole process from entering the call into CAD, to any updates for the call, the process is seamless. The program does not cause more work for the dispatchers or call takers. It is great technology and every ECC should be using it.

Allie Edwards, Administrative Supervisor Phoenix Police Department-Communications Bureau, AZ – ASAP user since 2016

ASAP to PSAP has greatly reduced call processing and call dispatching times allowing us, often times, to get units enroute in a minute or less. With the ability to communicate directly with the alarm company through CAD, information is received in real time allowing pertinent factors to be given to officers quicker than would’ve been possible over the telephone. On multiple occasions, the information received in these calls allowed us to determine that they were actual break ins and provided valuable suspect and/or vehicle information to pass on to our responding units so they could attempt to locate suspects while enroute or upon arrival. ASAP to PSAP is a game changer.

Marc Pruitt PST CTO A-TAC, Supervisor, Iredell County Emergency Communications, NC – ASAP user since 2019

The recent implementation of ASAP to PSAP has been a boost to our agency, allowing for faster reaction times to monitored alarmed systems across Kitsap County. Having a direct pipeline to and from alarm companies increases reliability and accuracy of vital information while limiting more traditional delays in bidirectional communication for updates during a call.

Jamie Donley, Assistant Director of Operations, Kitsap 911 – CENCOM – ASAP user since 2019

ASAP to PSAP has been a great addition to the programs we use in our center, reducing processing times and eliminating extra steps previously taken by our calltakers. The ability to communicate directly to the alarm company using our Computer Aided Dispatch system also reduces the time taken by staff to follow up for additional information or clarify questions. I can’t wait until all alarm companies are using this valuable program.

Michele Surdam, Director, Prince William County Department of Public Safety Communications, VA – ASAP user since 2021

Nashville has been using the ASAP to PSAP interface with our Motorola Premier-One CAD system for approximately two years.  By using this interface, it allows our 9-1-1 call takers to focus on answering and processing emergency incidents.  The interface helps to keep call takers in a ready status while alarms are automatically being processed.  As technology continues to evolve, our agency is looking more toward automated features to help prioritize our emergency workflow. 

John Reynolds, Information Systems Advisor, Nashville, TN – ASAP user since 2020