The ASAP service (ASAP®), launched in 2011 as a public-private partnership, is designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of calls for service from alarm companies to PSAPs/ECCs. The ASAP service utilizes ANSI standard protocols developed cooperatively by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and The Monitoring Association (TMA).

Using the ASAP service, critical information about life safety events is delivered digitally directly to the CAD system in seconds through the Nlets nationwide public-safety network. The use of data communications virtually eliminates errors that are inherent in voice communications, insuring that complete and accurate information is transmitted to a PSAP/ECC.

A growing list of Automation platforms have ASAP interfaces. The number of PSAPs/ECCs gaining benefit from the ASAP service is steadily growing as PSAPs/ECCs of all sizes connect. The alarm monitoring industry is committed to ASAP, with local, regional and national monitoring companies connected to the service.  Seamless deployment is realized through the use of standardized technology and an experienced ASAP technical team.