Steps to get Connected:

  1. Contact your CAD provider. If your provider supports ASAP, they will assist you with the upgrade to an ASAP compatible revision. If your CAD provider does not currently support ASAP, have them contact TMA for guidance.
  2. Contact TMA at [email protected] for appropriate forms.
  3. Submit the required ASAP documents (Letter of Intent, Contact and CAD System Information.)
  4. Participate in an ASAP Onboarding Webinar to review ASAP with focus on resources and responsibilities to accomplish the connection.
  5. Work with ASAP team and consultant to schedule the testing and implementation of your ASAP connection.

Approved CAD Providers:

  • Hexagon (formerly Intergraph), I/CAD platform, Multiple versions
    • OnCall platform undergoing certification
  • Northrup Grumman, Altaris Platform, version unknown
  • Versaterm, Versatex platform versions unknown
  • Central Square
    • One Solution platform, multiple versions
    • Enterprise Inform platform, multiple versions
    • Total Command, multiple versions
    • Emeres, Dispatch now, multiple versions
  • Motorola, Premier One platform, multiple versions
  • Intellitech, purchased the Alert Public Safety platform, version unknown
  • Tyler, New World Enterprise CAD, versions unknown
  • Spillman (Motorola), Flex, multiple versions